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ceramics in action


Here is a picture of my pots in action….on the groovy little bookcase in my living room.  Out with the books and in with the pots!  I simply can’t get enough of black & white.  LOOK TO THE COOKIE!

My Very First Blog Post!

My name is Julann Gebbie, I’m a ceramics artist and this is my Blog. In future posts I will be writing about how you can improve your life through ceramics.  That’s right! IMPROVE YOUR LIFE THROUGH CERAMICS!  For now though, let’s see my pots in action.

For my first post I’m showing off my pottery on the family dining table.  Swag…right? See how the ceramics add to the warmth of the evening and create an atmosphere of communication and general happiness…ok…that’s the wine that did that.  But, the plates, and glasses look divine.

For now,


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